Ted Quinn MBA

CEO + Co-Founder

Ted Quinn

I've played up my entire life which means I'm comfortable working big challenges. Professionally I like to get things done and working with great teams to accomplish a goal. I'm passionate about the job we're focused on at ACT.md and as a caregiver have directly seen how difficult it can be to manage a loved one through care. The team we're building share that passion, which brings focus, commitment, fun and success. Accomplishing something that can change your life and the lives of those around you keeps the tension high. When I'm not at work I enjoy competitive cycling and triathlons. My wife and I have six children (my six other start-ups) in various stages of investment. They represent the most promising portfolio I know.

Prior to his role as CEO of ACT.md, Mr. Quinn worked as the COO of Vecna Medical, driving revenue growth and new market penetration. Enterprise health systems and small practices alike use Vecna solutions to streamline operations, cut costs, and improve patient satisfaction. Before Vecna, Ted served as the President & General Manager of a Taylor Corporation Company, a multiple purpose technology company. This turnaround experience drove substantial improvements in operating results and financial performance. Prior to The Consortium Mr. Quinn was a Business Manager and Product Manager for the FLEX platform at Teradyne Corporation. The FLEX platform is a marketshare leader and next generation platform for Teradyne. Before becoming an operating manager, Ted was a Senior Manager in Accenture's management consulting practice working in the healthcare and technology segments. His work helped this practice grow headcount and revenues in the late 1990's.

Mr. Quinn holds a BS in Economics from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

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