Jonathan Abbett

Vice President of User Experience

Jonathan Abbett

My grandfather led a remarkably independent life, living in downtown Boston and traveling the world well after he lost his ability to walk. When his medical needs finally increased beyond his own abilities, we had to pack up his apartment and move him to a nursing home. No one on the medical side seemed to take charge, to the point where mismanaged diabetic care led to the loss of his leg. The burden of care fell ultimately on my mother, who heroically managed an ever rotating nursing staff, unexpected hospital admissions, and the challenges of Medicare and Medicaid. I continually look to her example as my own family grows, and my parents age.

Jonathan has spent his entire career in healthcare, first as a software developer and then as a user experience designer, crafting appropriate and effective web and mobile applications for clinicians, researchers, patients, and their families.

He holds BA and MA degrees in Computer Science from Brandeis University.

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