Jessica Sattler RN MSN

Vice President of Account Services

Jessica Sattler

As a nurse, I have the chance to experience first hand what a difference well-coordinated care can make for patients and their families. As a patient myself, I am often amazed at what a challenge it can be to get my own healthcare providers on the same page or gain access to data from my own medical record. I am passionate about the work we do at we empower patients and provider teams to work collaboratively and discover answers to the key question: "How do I get better?"

Jessica started her career in the world of recruiting and hiring process consulting at industry leader TMP Worldwide (parent company to Always interested in wellness and patient care, she 'pivoted' and applied to nursing school in 2006. She has worked at Mass General Hospital as an RN, lactation consultant, and patient educator for the past six years.

Jessica holds a BA from Providence College and an MS in Nursing from Boston College.

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