Christina Strubbe

Vice President of Partnerships

Christina Strubbe

My parents and sister have been faced with some very difficult health issues including multiple instances of cancer, epilepsy, and severe mental and physical handicaps. We, as patients and caregivers, have had to take ownership of our care, which is cumbersome and confusing with multiple clinicians, tests, procedures, and medications. Living in a different city than my family, I have had many helpless moments. I have observed first hand how overwhelming it can be for a patient or parent to try to process and understand a serious diagnosis or condition while simultaneously attempting to remember all of the steps and people associated with the plan to get better. There has to be a way to make this simpler. I believe through our work at we will improve the lives of medical professionals, patients, and their families and caregivers with transparent, accountable, action-driven communication.

Prior to Christina spent seven years at McKesson, the nation’s oldest and largest healthcare services company. Christina held a variety of roles ranging from Program Management to Field Marketing and Strategic Sales. Most recently, Christina was selling population health management software to organizations making the transition to value based care. During her career, Christina was also in non-profit management as the first Executive Director for the Kansas Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Here she lead organizational development and strategic planning and made a significant impact through increased fundraising and public policy efforts. She continued to drive change in breast cancer as a Director on the International Breast Cancer Foundation Board.

Christina obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing from the University of Kansas.

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