The Platform for team-based care CARE TRAFFIC

  • Mary Martin


  • Katie Hurley Care Traffic Control can
serve as cost-effective extensions
of care teams, supporting patients
and keeping a watchful eye on tasks
and processes to keep care moving
forward at all times.

  • Engage patients in their care plans

  • Add capacity to your teams, flexibly and at low-cost

  • Enable your team members to work to the top of their licenses

  • Prevent system failures in your organization

  • Create an personalized experience

  • "Having access to the care plan and your support while our child was in the ER was invaluable. You're our guardian angel!"

    Parent of Child With Complex Needs


As powerful as technology is, ultimately people drive behavior change. Our people can join your teams and bring high-energy, proactive support to help patients articulate and achieve their goals.


Through motivational interviewing with patients, we can identify when to engage and how we can help drive adherence to care plans to support your team's success.


You can't afford to let care fall through the cracks. We can monitor tasks, provide reminders, and make sure nothing in the patient's plan of care gets missed. We are always there for patients.

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