Jesse Dylan


Jesse Dylan

Jesse Dylan is a filmmaker, and founder, Creative Director and CEO of Wondros, a full-service production company with a focus on creating content that fosters social responsibility. Jesse is a prolific director behind some of the most successful campaigns in commercial television, print, and interactive advertising. In addition to his extensive work in the film industry, Jesse is recognized for his contributions to the scientific and medical communities, including his work supporting the research of rare and orphan conditions.

Jesse's work focuses on telling the stories of some of the world's most innovative projects, people, and organizations. He has created media projects for a diverse group of organizations, including George Soros and the Open Society Foundations, Clinton Global Initiative, Council on Foreign Relations, MIT Media Lab, the Columbia Journalism School, and Harvard Medical School. Jesse is an active member of TED (Technology Entertainment Design), where he creates marketing materials and short films in support of TED Prize winners. Jesse’s work incorporates partnerships and filming on location around the world, including recent projects in Hungary, Haiti, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Jesse is an active member of several organizations dedicated to expanding our understanding of the healthcare world and working towards bringing medical knowledge to an open forum in an effective and equitable way. Jesse is a fellow at Science Commons, and a member of the Council of Foreign Relations.

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