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"We started ACT.md because of our personal experience managing care for loved ones facing significant health challenges. We've brought together expertise to scale innovative care delivery models and fundamentally change the experience for patients and their families."

Ted Quinn, Co-Founder and CEO

Boston Children's Hospital

Born at Boston
Children's Hospital

Harvard Innovation Lab

Incubated at Harvard
Innovation Lab

Rose Park Advisors

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Park Advisors

It's hard to navigate our healthcare system.

Patients and families struggle to understand their plan of care, how to get better, and who is responsible for helping to manage their conditions. Doctors, nurses and other care providers want to coordinate patient care with their colleagues, but lack the tools to collaborate safely and efficiently. Sometimes it seems like the whole healthcare system is held together with sticky notes, paper files and fax machines.

We believe there's a better way to coordinate care.

Two doctors and friends, Dr. Isaac Kohane and Dr. Ken Mandl, dealt with these difficulties firsthand. As national health IT and informatics experts, they knew there was a better way to coordinate care. In 2012, they joined with seasoned healthcare IT entrepreneur Ted Quinn to launch ACT.md.

Patients and healthcare providers deserve the best collaboration technology on the market.

So we built it for them.

Experienced leadership.

Internationally-renowned advisors.

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