Accountable Care Transactions, Inc. is in private trials at select practices and organizations across the United States.

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“I want all my health care providers and my family to know what is happening in my treatment, and what needs to happen next.”

Patient and family join their health care providers as full members of an care team, instantly knowing each member's role and responsibilities. For the first time, the patient has full insight and transparency as she navigates her care.

“I want smooth and effortless handoffs across all providers involved in my patient's treatment. I want the whole team accountable for their responsibilities, regardless of where they are, or which electronic health record they use.”

With, health care providers assign health acts (patent pending) and track their completion across the whole team, including patients and family members. Patients and patient panels can be managed readily anywhere and anytime, including on any web-enabled mobile device.

We're hiring.

Sticky notes. Phone calls. Fax machines.

Welcome to the reality of modern American healthcare.

While healthcare reform is pushing doctors and nurses to work more collaboratively, there just aren't any tools to help them do it. Even billion-dollar investments in electronic health records don't do the job of care coordination, especially when patients receive care at many different clinics or hospitals.

That's why we're building a care coordination platform that embraces the complexity of healthcare: teams of doctors, nurses, and their support staff collaborating transparently with patients and their families in a shared digital space... moving seamlessly between desktops, tablets, and smartphones... caring in real time with real visibility into individual and team performance.

Our founders and advisers are renowned leaders in healthcare and disruptive innovation, but like care teams, we can't do it alone. Join us—those other jobs can wait.

UI Engineer

Boston, MA

UI Engineers at advocate for the patients and clinicians who use our software by designing, prototyping, building, and validating new features through a lean, agile user experience process.

You will:

  • Jump right into our codebase, build new features, and release them to our customers
  • Build helpful support interfaces to manage our rapidly growing user community
  • Pair with colleagues on the clinical team to understand our users' needs, observing real clinicians and patients whenever possible
  • Create interactive prototypes to inform our lively product roadmap discussions
  • Test your code rigorously (and easily!) with our Behave/Selenium/SauceLabs setup
  • Take direction from a lean user experience process which rapidly validates assumptions with users
  • Use, create, and give back to open-source projects
  • Ultimately become both a better front-end developer and user experience professional

You are:

  • A recent graduate with a degree in computer science, design, or related field
  • Proficient in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS
  • Comfortable building a pure JavaScript UI with an MV* frameworks like Backbone.js
  • Curious about the latest goodness in HTML5 & CSS3
  • Perhaps interested in data visualization frameworks like D3 or Processing
  • Perhaps familiar with Python
  • A genuinely nice person

Interested? Contact Jonathan Abbett, Director of User Experience, with your résumé, an example of a web UI you've crafted, and a few thoughts about why you think care coordination is important.

Software Engineer

Boston, MA

Here's the deal. We're going to give you an empty directory and ask you to fill it with the most tear-jerking, gut-wrenchingly awesome code that runs smoother than molasses on a hot summer day. Of course, just by looking at the description of the company, you already know that we need a scalable infrastructure that is completely secure and has as much tolerance for failure as open heart surgery. The guys here already know how to code, but we want you to make us look like kindergarteners scribbling with crayons.

You are:

  • A Jedi master of Python... or eager to become one
  • Comfortable building production applications with Flask, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, and RabbitMQ/Celery
  • So attentive to detail that you write unit tests for your unit tests. (Ok, that may be going a bit far…)
  • Prepared to deploy scalable, fault-tolerant software using a cloud-based infrastructure
  • Ready to come up with the great next feature (you can find a large supply of them at the end of the rainbow by the unicorns)
  • A genuinely nice person
  • Perhaps familiar with JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML5

Pumped? Contact Patrick Schmid, Director of Engineering, with your résumé, highlights of your most compelling back-end projects, and a few thoughts about why you think care coordination is important.

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