Know who's doing what and when; we make sure roles and responsibilities are clear.


See your care plan and know your part in it.


Care is complex – multiple providers, multiple settings – we can help you keep track of it all.


Coordinating care takes time and effort.Let us help you get reimbursed for doing the right thing.

The platform for team-based care

Manage handoffs across care settings

With the click of a button, the plan of care is put into action, assigning multiple tasks across the care team with defined due dates for team transparency and accountability.

Engage patients and caregivers meaningfully

Patients and caregivers are knowledgeable team members. Highly personalized and digitalized patient interactions and education result in patient satisfaction and better outcomes.

Coordinate care securely on any device

Providers and patients can manage care in ways they live and work daily. Flexible workflows and mobile communication increases efficiency and makes managing care convenient.

Realize value quickly is a light-weight web-based software platform. It is simple, intuitive, and leverages modern paradigms of social interaction resulting in rapid implementations and adoption.

Measure team performance

Understand how care is happening. Gain unique real-time insights into care coordination productivity and workload, provider and patient engagement, and overall team performance.

Scale your workforce

Leverage an elastic workforce with Health Prompters. Health Prompters are resources that provide light-touch prompts and assistance to care teams to keep care moving forward.

Powering value-based care

Transitional Care Management (TCM, released by CMS in 2013)

Physicians can now get reimbursed for the coordination effort that is involved in managing a patient following a hospital discharge.'s unique TCM-specific Health ACT Sets facilitate a structured, standardized, and proven process for optimal care coordination to reduce hospital re-admissions and support TCM billing. The ACT Sets are structured in a way for providers to assess complexity, complete care actions required by CMS, and follow specific time sensitive requirements for care delivery and billing. takes the complexity out of the TCM Billing process and pays for itself within months.

Chronic Care Management (CCM, being released by CMS in 2015)

Between-visit care is critical to the health outcomes of a patient with multiple chronic conditions and starting in 2015, CMS will reimburse providers for care coordination services. is the secure communication platform for sharing and executing upon the care plan. provides true patient-centered, multi-author care planning in a real-time and action-driven framework. facilitates obtaining the required informed patient consent, secures an audit trial for care coordination activities, provides a reliable process for managing care transitions, and gives increased access for patients to their care team through an easy mechanism for structured communication.  With providers can track, understand, and report on the total care coordination work done by all members of their care team as well as improve coordination within your organization and with partners in the community involved in the chronic care management of your patients.  

Transitions in Care provides a common communication platform – nursing homes, skilled nursing centers, long-term care facilities, & rehabilitation facilities can now be on the same page as hospitals, other treating providers, and resources in the community. promotes a predictable, structured hand-off promoting safety and reducing risk and duplication of services. Providers in the acute and post-acute settings can immediately zero in on critical activities associated with a patient transitioning instead of having to navigate paperwork and unfamiliar terminology. brings together best practices, such as Boston University Medical Center's "Re-Engineered Discharge", and automates the discharge coordination process. With the click of a button, 12 components proven to reduce re-hospitalizations and produce high levels patient satisfaction are put into action. The tasks are assigned to specific responsible roles with a due date defined. In, the discharge advocate, nursing staff, primary care team, and outside service providers (PT, OT, VNA) are all brought together in a common space. Everyone knows the discharge plan and their specific responsibility and are accountable held to ensure a smooth transition from acute care to community care.

Network and Referral Management facilitates a closed loop referral process. The assignment of a referral Health ACT Set informs the PCP, Specialist, Referral Coordinator, and Patient of the tasks associated with the referral such as obtaining insurance information, appointment reminder, forwarding the consult note, and confirming the appointment occurred. The network is mapped and makes it easy to communicate with in-network specialists even in a very heterogeneous IT environment. Now the responsibility for a specialty appointment does not fall solely on the patient and Network's have visibility into referral patterns.

Patient and Caregiver Involvement

Unique to, patients, their families, and caregivers are knowledgeable and accountable members of the care team. Think of like a healthcare GPS for patients and families; significantly reduces the complexity of navigating the healthcare system. Patients know who is involved in their care and can track all associated activities in this personalized experience. promotes patient centeredness with activities and teams mapped around a patient and provides the ability for collaborative care planning and shared decision-making.

With highly personalized and digitalized education, patients and caregivers can be more effective in self-managing everything that needs to take place in-between visits. Patients and caregivers can keep notes related to their care in and assign tasks to each other. Patients and families can communicate with the members of their care teams by asking questions related to specific activities and through discussion groups. was built to fit into the reality of people's lives and to meet them where they are. Patients can be engaged through a web-based application that has a similar look and feel to social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, with easy to understand language or by interacting with resources that call them directly to provide assistance in getting activities associated with the care plan completed.

Organizations have real-time visibility into how patients and caregivers are engaging therefore can understand how to influence optimal outcomes.

Case Management and Disease Management

Many organizations have sophisticated tools to aggregate and analyze data to identify high-risk patients and gaps in care but many are retrospective and provide no method to act upon that data and see necessary tasks through to execution. is productivity, workflow, and communication tool to make the job of a Care Manager or Coordinator easier. Phone, fax, spreadsheets, sticky notes and email are replaced.

With, Care Managers and Care Coordinators can connect with patients, providers, and community resources in one place, but unlike a simple communication tool, drives action through the assignment of work across the team. The Dashboard allows Care Managers to know where they need to focus and the powerful filter, tagging, and search capabilities simplify panel management. With the click of a button a task (such as a reminder to get a colonoscopy) can be assigned to all patients in a panel or a category specific subset, increasing reach and therefore increasing capacity. Managers have real-time insights into the completion of critical tasks and can monitor care manager workload.

Healthcare Project Management

Have you ever wanted to start using a project management tool you've used in other facets of your life but as a clinician realized you couldn't due to the lack of HIPAA compliant security?   With you now have a safe, secure way to manage projects in healthcare. Tasks are assigned with due dates, documents can be stored and shared, project teams have a virtual space to have discussions, and there is visibility into progress or risks. 

Ranging from organizing clinical conferences, to quality improvement projects and hitting all your Maintenance of Certification milestones, pursuing NCQA PCMH accreditation, or becoming a Medicare Shared Savings ACO, makes it easy to execute on goals and manage required program components across your teams, and across organizations, securely and simply.

Proven results

" is a trusted system for reliable, quality handoffs. I don't know what I'd do without it. It has replaced e-mail, and enables mobile coordination for my patient teams."
Surgical Oncologist
Academic Medical Center
"Managing our network of referring providers is now real-time and automated. As an ACO, helps us manage leakage and impact patient behavior to improve care."
Chief Medical Director
Accountable Care Organization
"With we can securely communicate with providers across health care organizations and track the critical actions that need to occur with the patient before and after surgery."
Academic Medical Center
"As a care coordinator for kids with complex needs, I have no tools to work across all the players supporting the family and child. I can see critical procedures to completion."
Registered Nurse, Pediatric Care Coordinator
Pediatric Practice
" enables us to manage TCM to realize reimbursements for the coordination activities that historically we were not paid for."
Registered Nurse, Care Coordinator
Family Practice
" is simple, efficient, and brings a new level of workflow flexibility into our practice. The entire practice is jumping on the tool."
Registered Nurse
Ear, Nose, and Throat Practice

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Leadership Team

Ted Quinn MBA

CEO + Co-Founder

Christina Strubbe

Director of Sales & Marketing

Patrick Schmid PhD

Director of Engineering

Jonathan Abbett

Director of User Experience

Imre Fitos

Director of Infrastructure

Jessica Sattler RN MSN

Clinical Director

Board Members & Advisors

We're hiring

Our founders and advisers are renowned leaders in healthcare and disruptive innovation, but like care teams, we can't do it alone. Join us.

Location: Boston, MA

UI Engineers at advocate for the patients and clinicians who use our software by designing, prototyping, building, and validating new features through a lean, agile user experience process.

You will:

  • Jump right into our codebase, build new features, and release them to our customers
  • Pair with colleagues on the clinical team to understand our users' needs, observing real clinicians and patients whenever possible
  • Create interactive prototypes to inform our lively product roadmap discussions
  • Test your code rigorously (and easily!) with our Behave/Selenium/SauceLabs setup
  • Take direction from a lean user experience process which rapidly validates assumptions with users
  • Use, create, and give back to open-source projects
  • Ultimately become both a better front-end developer and user experience professional

You are:

  • A recent graduate with a degree in computer science, design, or related field
  • Proficient in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS
  • Comfortable building a pure JavaScript UI with an MV* framework like Backbone.js
  • Curious about the latest goodness in HTML5 & CSS3
  • Perhaps interested in data visualization frameworks like D3 or Processing
  • Perhaps familiar with Python
  • A genuinely nice person

Interested? Contact Jonathan Abbett, Director of User Experience, with your résumé, an example of a web UI you've crafted, and a few thoughts about why you think care coordination is important.

Location: Boston, MA

Here's the deal. We're going to give you an empty directory and ask you to fill it with the most tear-jerking, gut-wrenchingly awesome code that runs smoother than molasses on a hot summer day. Of course, just by looking at the description of the company, you already know that we need a scalable infrastructure that is completely secure and has as much tolerance for failure as open heart surgery. The guys here already know how to code, but we want you to make us look like kindergarteners scribbling with crayons.

You are:

  • A Jedi master of Python… or eager to become one
  • Comfortable building production applications with Flask, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, and RabbitMQ/Celery
  • So attentive to detail that you write unit tests for your unit tests. (Ok, that may be going a bit far…)
  • Prepared to deploy scalable, fault-tolerant software using a cloud-based infrastructure
  • Ready to come up with the great next feature (you can find a large supply of them at the end of the rainbow by the unicorns)
  • A genuinely nice person
  • Perhaps familiar with JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML5

Pumped? Contact Patrick Schmid, Director of Engineering, with your , highlights of your most compelling back-end projects, and a few thoughts about why you think care coordination is important.

Location: Boston, MA

Clinical Program Executives at are smart, creative problem-solvers combining visionary leadership with hands-on implementation. As program managers for our clinical partners, they establish trust quickly and build collaborative client relationships.

You will:

  • Analyze workflows of clinical programs and processes
  • Develop programs and manage projects effectively
  • Create and deliver training programs, including producing print, digital, and video training materials
  • Identify new business development opportunities
  • Supervise our Clinical Associate staff, and assist with Health Prompting tasks as needed

You are:

  • Experienced in a health-related field, though not necessarily a clinician, with a bachelor's or master's degree and at least 5 years experience in client services, program management, or consulting
  • Experienced presenting to individuals and groups at all organizational levels
  • Experienced supervising on-site and remote staff
  • Competent and comfortable with web-based applications, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Google Docs
  • Sensitive to workflow disruption at clinical sites and experienced with the change management process
  • Willing to travel (about 50% of time, depending on specific client locations)
  • Comfortable with start-up culture and pace

Contact Jessica Sattler, Clinical Director, with your résumé and cover letter.

Location: Boston, MA

Clinical Associates at support patients and clinicians using the platform, addressing any barriers to a patient's plan of care and providing early warnings to health providers when care gets "stuck."

You will:

  • Reach out to patients and health providers by phone and e-mail to help move care forward
  • Help with customer support, account setup, and onboarding of new uers
  • Develop "act sets," the care templates used in the platform, by researching diseases, conditions, and processes to create checklists of patient and provider tasks that emerge from the accepted, evidence-based standard of care
  • Assist with developing marketing and video materials, if possible

You are:

  • A recent college graduate with interest or background in healthcare
  • Interested in working for a high-paced, young startup

Contact Jessica Sattler, Clinical Director, with your résumé and cover letter.