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We're creating the experiences necessary for care teams to efficiently and effectively manage complex care for high-needs patients.

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It doesn't have to be this way.

Patients with complex needs require thoughtfully designed care plans and high-quality delivery of care. Care teams need to work together to manage patients' medical, behavioral, functional, and social needs. ACT.md exists to make this possible.

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The platform for team-based care

ACT.md Care Coordination Record

Cloud-based care coordination tools for the 21st century

ACT.md Care Traffic Control

High-touch, personal support for patients and care teams

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  • Bringing A Management Model To Healthcare: Team-Based Care

    I worked in management consulting with healthcare technology clients. We structured our engagements as a team of professionals with diversified skills, focusing on a strategic question facing a client's business or operation.

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  • Healthcare needs to adopt the Care Coordination Record

    A Care Coordination Record bridges the gap between an in-person visit and everything else that needs to happen across the care continuum and in- between visits. It's all about managing complexity.

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  • Harvard tech guru funds collaborative medical software

    An investment firm founded by Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business professor who is described as the world's foremost authority on disruptive innovation, has invested $8.4 million in a cloud-based platform.

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